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Ultimate Jewelry Cleaner Kit

Ultimate Jewelry Cleaner Kit

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Most jewelry made with metal will eventually lose its luster, color, and its initial appearance overtime. Tarnishing, oxidation, and dullness occur naturally when in constant use. Certain factors can accelerate this process such as exposing metals to direct contact with chemicals of products, your body, or direct contact with other metals.  BUT the good news is, you don't have to throw your favorite jewelry away forever! The ultimate jewelry cleaner kit can bring your favorite pieces back to life. Remove tarnish, rust, oxidation, and restore shine with simple steps using the kit.

  • oxidation/tarnish removing pad 
  • luster restoration puff 
  • buffer cloth
  • anti-tarnish tab (keep with your jewelry in storage)

Works instantly, removing tarnish and dirt, metals are restored to their original luster. Can be used multiple times!

*instructions included


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